May 4, 2021

Re: Revision to the QTdrugs List

We are writing to inform you that three new drugs have been added and one removed from the Possible Risk of TdP category.

Two drugs used for androgen deprivation therapy (Bicalutamide and Relugolix) and an antibiotic (Linezolid) have been added to the Possible Risk catagory. 

The drug combination, Moexipril and Hydrocholorthiazide was removed from the Possible Risk of TdP category due to labelling changes and a lack of supporting evidence.

Also, we want to remind all registrants that the QTdrugs list is a copyrighted technology and, as stated in the Terms of Use, any commercial use requires a license.  For registrants to gain commercial access to the QTdrugs Technology, Single and Multiple Users Licences can be ordered online here.  For companies wishing to incorporate or embed QTdrugs Technology in their commercial products, a license can be purchased here.  We are available to answer you questions or discuss other potential uses for QTdrugs at

Thank you for your interest and continued support of CredibleMeds.

Ray Woosley and the Scientific Review Committee 

Scientific Review Committee

Raymond L. Woosley, MD, PhD
Klaus Romero, MD, MS
C.Will Heise, MD
Tyler Gallo, PharmD
Jared Tate, PharmD
David Woosley, MPH


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